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Upgrade to the ultimate seating experience today with the new 2018 Secretlab chairs, now shipping in South-East Asia!

From the Press

"The Omega Stealth is incredibly comfortable...I’m more satisfied with the Omega Stealth than I expected."
"....all the features of a more expensive chair without having to break the piggy bank..."
"This is literally the most comfortable chair we've ever used..."
"Secretlab has built one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I've ever had the pleasure of sitting on."



We’re always evolving, and so are our products. Our flagship OMEGA and THRONE Series have been upgraded with superior manufacturing processes and improved materials, including a facelift for a defined, modern look, fitting in to your office or your home.

  • Upgraded construction and inner cold-cure foam to spread and support your weight more evenly
  • New four-directional soft PU-coated armrest—now wider with improved surface material for more comfort
  • Upgraded Class 4 hydraulic piston to suit greater height range
  • New velour memory-foam lumbar pillow included—now larger and contured to better fit your body shape and provide even more support



Before S$700 (21% off)

The biggest chair we've designed yet, the TITAN is made for the mighty. Featuring a taller backrest and wider seatbase, the bigger-than-average person won't have to squeeze into this one.

OMEGA 2018


Before S$620 (19% off)

The créme de la créme of chairs. Equipped with enhanced padding and an improved multi-functional tilt for even more comfort, the Secretlab OMEGA 2018 is meant for those who are looking for the heavenly sitting experience.



Before S$500 (14% off)

The THRONE 2018 is revamped with a sleeker design, to be even more adaptable for your workspace, home or anywhere you need to work or play, and packed with construction upgrades for an even better seating experience.



Before S$1399 (21% off)

Introducing our most luxurious chairs yet. Our brand new NAPA Series features the premium Napa leather used by top-end boutique bags and luxury car seats.



Before S$1299 (19% off)

Introducing our most luxurious chairs yet. Our brand new NAPA Series features the premium Napa leather used by top-end boutique bags and luxury car seats.

Accessories Store

Visit our Accessories side store to check out our list of accessories. Show your support with a Secretlab T-shirt or lanyard, keep your chair clean with our Premium Leather Cleaner, or pickup a spare pillow.

Very Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between Throne V2, OMEGA, OMEGA ELITE, and TITAN?Open or Close

    The Throne V2 is an improved version of the V1. It has even better cushioning, 4D armrests, an aluminium base, velour pillows, and PU casters, just to name a few improvements.

    The OMEGA contains an even thicker layer of cold-cure foam to provide extreme cushioning & support. The overall shape of the chair wraps more fittingly for most people, providing better ergonomic support. Additionally, it comes with a multi-functional tilt mechanism which is more flexible and also allows you to lock the chair at desired angles.

    The OMEGA ELITE retains the same design as the OMEGA, but has its backrest and seatbase coated with our Secretlab LUXE leather, made of carefully selected top-grain leather. The OMEGA ELITE also features our XL PU casters, which are larger in size than our standard casters for even smoother gliding, increased sturdiness and durability.

    The TITAN features an even larger backrest and a wider, less contoured seat base. This chair is ideal for the bigger-than-average user, up to 195cm in height and 130kg in weight. It is also the only model in our lineup that has our integrated adjustable lumbar support system, which allows you to adjust the lumbar support by turning a knob on the side of the backrest. In addition, the TITAN also uses our XL PU casters for extra durability.

    Click here to check out our comparison table between our chairs.

  • Do you have any retailers in my country?Open or Close

    We are currently not dealing with any retailers or resellers. All sales are done directly through our website, and orders are shipped from our HQ in Singapore. This allows us to ensure the quality of our products and services that are delivered to our international customers.

  • How do I know if a Secretlab chair will be a good fit for me?Open or Close

    We've designed our chairs to be as adjustable as possible, taking into consideration that people have varying weights and height. Should you have any concerns, you can check out the measurements of each chair under the Resources section.

    If you're still unsure, feel free to drop us a message or email and we'll try our best to help you find a chair that suits you!

  • What's the warranty?Open or Close

    To summarize our warranty policy:

    2 year limited warranty on all functional portions of the chair. Aesthetic defects & misuse of the chair are not covered.

    Email in image or video of relevant defect to within 14 days of defect.

    If defect is found to be present, Secretlab will cover the cost of the replacement and HALF of the shipping cost. Alternatively, the part can be collected from Secretlab HQ at 994 Bendemeer Road, Singapore.

    Secretlab reserves the final right in determining if a benefit under the warranty can be claimed.

    More details on our 2-year limited International warranty statement.

  • How much will shipping cost, and how long will it take?Open or Close

    Our chairs are shipped out from our warehouse in Singapore, where we are based. Once payment has been confirmed, please allow for 1-2 working days for your order to be processed, after which we will ship your order by DHL. Shipping timings will depend on your location—you can refer to the table below to get an estimate. A tracking number will be provided in your Shipping Confirmation email, so you can track the progress of your order.

    We ship our chairs with DHL International Shipping, and subsequently by a local courier service based in the destination country.

    Our chairs are delivered flat-packed in a large box, with the parts inside securely protected by thick layers of foam.

    Shipping Rates*

    Express Int'l Shipping
    Shipping Cost SGD$99.00
    Brunei 3-4 working days
    Hong Kong 3-4 working days
    Indonesia 3-6 working days
    Philippines 3-4 working days
    South Korea 3-4 working days
    Taiwan 3-4 working days
    Thailand 3-4 working days
    Vietnam 3-4 working days

    *Applicable Custom duties and tax in your respective country is NOT included in the pricing. You are responsible for the payment of such fees, if applicable.
    **Secretlab will not be held accountable for any delays in shipping due to customs or carrier delays, and unforseen circumstances outside of our control.

  • How do I assemble Secretlab chairs myself?Open or Close

    As our chairs are shipped flat-packed, they will require some basic assembly out of the box. It's quite simple and straightforward, though it's even easier if you have a helping hand during the process. Other than that, all you'll need is a Phillips screwdriver!

    Upon purchase & fulfillment, a confirmation email containing an Assembly Video as well as an Assembly Guide will be sent to your inbox. Alternatively, you can find the Assembly Video and Assembly Guide in the Resources page.

    The Assembly Video and Guide will give you a good step-by-step visual walkthrough, as well as some important safety information to keep in mind. So watch it through at least once before starting and you'll find it much easier. An average person takes about 20 minutes to assemble the chair!

    If you run into any issues during the assembly, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at and our support team will do our best to help you.

  • How do I pay for my order?Open or Close

    For online orders, we accept payment by credit card or bank transfer. Bank transfer details, including SWIFT code, can be found in your Order Confirmation email.