Secretlab Professional Footrest (With CloudSwap™ Technology)

Pair your Secretlab chair with the Professional Footrest for pro-grade ergonomic support from the ground up. It supports you in multiple sitting positions, and keeps your feet firmly planted and well-rested.
Ergonomic adjustment with dual modes

Ergonomic adjustment with dual modes

Switch between rocking freely and staying in place. Dynamic mode offers a 30° range to support your natural movements, and Stationary mode locks the footrest at any angle between +15° to -15°.

Unmatched stability and support

Unmatched stability and support

A sturdy full-metal chassis keeps you grounded, so you can go all out at work and play.

Deeper personalization with CloudSwap™ tech

Deeper personalization with CloudSwap™ tech

Magnetic, interchangeable footrest tops give you even more choice. Swap the default PlushCell™ Memory Foam Footrest Top to a different top whenever you want.

Sit healthier with Footrest Pro

Improved sitting posture
1. Improved sitting posture
Maintains natural curve of the spine when your feet are comfortably elevated
Improved circulation
2. Improved circulation
Reduces pressure on your sit bones, glutes, hamstrings, back of knees and buttocks
Even weight distribution
3. Even weight distribution
When your soles are in full contact with the footrest

Take it from the experts

Dr. James Goh

Dr. Lindsey Migliore
Ergonomics Advisory Board Member
Esports Medicine Physician

"...a footrest with a high degree of adjustability helps keep your feet comfortably elevated, regardless of your build and sitting preferences. For individuals whose feet can't rest firmly on the floor, this can also help improve circulation and overall ergonomic wellness."

Learn more from our Ergonomics Advisory Board
Frequently Asked Questions
Both footrests are a great addition to your setup to keep your feet elevated and well-supported ergonomically. They are both crafted at the right height to complement all Secretlab chairs. The footrests come with different features to cater to different needs. Deciding which footrest to get depends on your sitting habits and preferences.

Go for the Footrest Pro:
  • If you’re looking for adjustability and movement: Precise adjustments accommodate the exact way you sit. Switch between two modes, with a 30° range that supports your natural movement. Rock freely in Dynamic mode, or rest your feet anywhere along its extra-wide width in Stationary mode. Personalize it further by swapping out the footrest top for a different experience. For those who need extra help reaching the ground, a height extender is available to buy separately.
  • If you’re looking for a firm and stable base: Crafted from industrial-grade steel and aluminum alloy for even more stability compared to a lighter or softer footrest. Its durable and sturdy build keeps it securely in place, maintaining optimal support even as you rock back-and-forth.
Go for the PlushCell™ Footrest:
  • If you’re looking for foam support: Plush, supportive comfort that molds to your feet. Its dual-density foam construction comprises a thick, outer layer of PlushCell™ Memory Foam for soft cushioning, wrapped around a core constructed from our medium-firm cold-cure foam — the same foam used in our award-winning TITAN Evo chairs.
  • If you only need a static footrest: The PlushCell™ Footrest does not come with a rocking feature. Its unique ergonomic superellipse design features a flat top, curved edges and an extra-wide width, so it can accommodate multiple ways of resting your feet.
The Footrest Pro is crafted at the right height to be compatible with all Secretlab chairs — including Secretlab Classics. Users of most heights will enjoy the additional ergonomic support the Footrest Pro provides, especially if your feet cannot touch the ground. For users shorter than 150cm (4’10”), we recommend getting the base height extender (sold separately) to add another 20mm in height to the Footrest Pro, ensuring your feet are properly planted and not left dangling.
We recommend using the Footrest Pro with socks or while barefoot, so you can truly enjoy the soft feel of the Secretlab PlushCell™ Memory Foam Footrest Top. This also helps keep the footrest top in pristine condition. If you prefer keeping your footwear on, opt for room shoes which are gentler on the surface. We do not recommend wearing outdoor shoes while using the footrest.
The Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology) is designed at the right height to complement the Secretlab TITAN Evo and Classics. However, they can also provide the same ergonomic support when paired with Secretlab 2018 series or other types of office chairs.
Dust the entire footrest and footrest top gently with a clean, dry cloth. If you want a deeper clean, please refer to our full aftercare guide here.
The footrest can be placed on most floor surfaces. However, please avoid placing it on porous surfaces such as painted floors and concrete. We recommend adding a mat/rug/carpet before placing your footrest on top.

Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology)
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Customer Reviews

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Iván D.
United States United States

Great product

I recently bought the Titan Evo with some accessories. It was easy to assemble, when you use the product you can fell the quality of the products and that all accessories perfectly match, everything is well design.

Secretlab US Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology) ReviewSecretlab US Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology) Review
Amber S.
United States United States

Love it

Love this. Makes the chair better.

Clayton O.
United States United States


Pre-ordered this when I saw it coming out and I am not let down. Great footrest. The velour memory foam is super comfy.

Joseph B.
United States United States


What can we say other than, amazing! We were impressed by the packing of our items to start with just unbelievable packaging (others out there should take note), and the products are outstanding! We received the Magnus XL pro desk with all the accessories and we couldn’t be more impressed with its quality and functionality!! We also have other items, a Game of Thrones computer chair, and recently purchased Cloudswap Footrest both just as equally amazing!! Excited for new and must have items.

Jeannette Y.
United States United States

Happy Feet

Overall a great elevated footrest! I love how you can customize the elevation to your liking. Comfy and have not regretted one bit!

Secretlab US Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology) Review

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